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    Have had a couple of areas break over the past couple weeks(Marsh Keep in RR, Bonespear Tower). Can anyone upload a good DB or know how to get an old one?

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    Look in your lich / data / GSIV folder. You will probably see several mapdb files. The newer ones are all json files now.

    Rename (or delete) the most recent one. Then go into the game and see what the next older one gives you. Repeat as necessary. If you have to, you can safely go back to December-ish for a file.

    And take mapdb out of the ;repo autoupdate rules. There have been too many breaking changes to rely on automatically getting the latest.

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    Tysong gave me these instructions that worked:

    Use the mapdb 1-liner from here:
    and then turn off your mapdb from being updated
    ;repo unset-mapdb-updatable

    You'll need to go to your LICH\data\GSIV folder and delete the newer map-#######.json file
    The 1-liner is:

    ;e require 'open-uri';begin;map_remote = open(""); map_dir = "#{DATA_DIR}/GSIV"; map_local =, 'map-1609007772.json'), "wb"); map_local.write(;ensure;map_remote .close();map_local.close();end
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    This 1-liner seemed to help, still seeing some oddness here and there. Will have to retest some areas

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    So you go to the unmapped room and use the 1 liner? It didn't work for me. I went back to an old mapdb like Risen said, but they only went back a few days.

    The area I'm having problems with are the 2 dais's under the staircase in the entrance to Nelemar. Any help would be appreciated.

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    I don't know if the file in the one-liner is a good one, or not, but you can always just go directly to the URL and download it to your Downloads directory, then move it into your lich/data/GSIV directory

    Anything newer you will have to rename or delete as before.

    Link to the file to start the download

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    I downloaded the file and deleted the others.... still same rooms are unmapped going into Nelemar

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    Can you get the room numbers to either side of these unmapped rooms?

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    I will post tonight.

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    In between 12729 and 12712

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