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    Default Some Bard Updates from Officials...

    Greetings Bards!

    Earlier today, we released updates to Sonic Shield Song (1009), Sonic Weapon Song (1012), Sonic Armor (1014), and Singing Sword Song (1025). These are mostly behind-the-scenes changes with some quality of life updates. In a nutshell:

    - You can now choose what to summon in the same line as INCANT. For example, "incant 1012 handaxe" or "incant 1012 custom". (Note that this won't work if you type the full spell name with INCANT.)
    - These spells will now remember the last thing they summoned if you INCANT, CAST, or SING them without any argument. "incant 1014 15" once and you'll always summon augmented chain with "incant 1014".
    - Sonic Weapons no longer need a 'template' item for you to summon some rarer weapon names. You can now summon a sonic doloire, sarissa, katzbalger, paiscush, sabiet, or any of 290 available sonic weapons and don't need to carry a sample of those weapons on you. If you didn't know this was even a thing, don't worry -- neither did I until I delved into this.

    These changes will take effect the next time you choose what to summon with these spells. Until then, they'll be set to use the same 'default' logic they used to have (your sonic alteration if you have one, otherwise a medium shield, sonic falchion, AsG 6 armor, or animated broadsword).
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