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    Is the open cast of this friendly now? If so, is evoke the right usage?

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    Open CAST is friendly. incant set cast 1030 - incant 1030 open - safe to use.

    EVOKE will hit ungrouped players.

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    The base target count is 3 for open cast right? What are the thresholds for additional targets?

    Edit: Found the info about additional targets

    All multi-target spells will now have a starting maximum targets of 3. This is increased by 1 additonal target for every 50 Mana Control Skill Bonus relating to the specific spell
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    I didn't see it specifically addressed but I assume 1030 is primarily linked to Mental Mana Control when adding additional targets?

    Spells and Abilities Affected by Mental Mana Control

    MANA (verb) (ability)

    Determines or helps determine empath and bard MANA SPELLUP and MANA PULSE proficiency.
    Multicast (ability)

    Determines or helps determine empath and bard multicast proficiency.
    Bard Base

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