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    Little bag of old EG stuff

    MB: 50k CB: 100k to LukeDuke going twice!

    jar (1): a squat pale grey crystal bottle.
    scroll (2): an indigo-edged silver vellum, a piece of crackling aged vellum.
    clothing (4): a cobalt suede belt, a shadowy feline mask with a solid red circle on the forehead, a floor-length red chiffon dress with draping bell sleeves, some jade wool stockings caught with small silken tassels.
    wand,uncommon (1): a laje-bound spinewood wand.
    other (8): a black rose-painted deck, a tarnished silver case with a mother-of-pearl latch, a bejeweled silver pomander, a sapphire cotton blanket embroidered with white roses, a squat jar of pallid grey salve, a small grey marble shrine, a grainy multicolored sphere, a blue monkey's paw trinket.
    alchemy equipment (1): a lacquered stoneware clay mortar grooved with a faint spiral.
    uncommon (2): a water-stained tapered rowan boomerang, a small berobed veniom air wizard with faceted crystal eyes.
    jewelry (1): a glossy green twining eel earcuff.
    magic (1): a swirling silvery-grey orb.
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    Discord: Kyaloria#0165

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    Going twice.

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    100k please

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    Seems I missed an update, but given amount of time since last bid, marked this going twice. Sold tomorrow if no other interest.

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    Going to have to pull this as I no longer have it. Incredibly sorry, but it looks like I had a character holding this that I sold a couple of days and it just slipped my mind. I was about to mark it sold but wanted to verify I could find it as I had this weird feeling about it.

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