To me it looked like the little girl just didn't understand the question and didn't have an answer. At that age, she's like "What do you mean, realized I'm white? How about when I learned the color white?" I get that same look out of my son any time I ask him a complex question that he doesn't understand, but because I'm expecting an answer, he just sits there and looks like he's thinking about it. Then I have to break it down and walk him through it. Think you may be reading a little much into things there.

And Shaps, it's sad that you think what has been, will always be. You call yourself a realist, but you're just a jaded old man. Just because people are shitty, or have been shitty, doesn't mean it will always be that way. You can be a realist, but still push for progress and change away from "the way it has always been" and believe things can get better. You simply use it as a crutch to lean on and support your incredibly jaded views.