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Thread: Lowbie Landing Gem Collection w/ 100 count jars auction

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    Default Lowbie Landing Gem Collection w/ 100 count jars auction

    48x 100 count gem jars, empty.

    29 antiqued black sea glass bottle
    2 hexagonal golden glass bottle
    10 silver-chased dark purple bottle
    7 translucent white sea glass bottle

    MB: 4m
    CB: 5m Wharfrat SOLD!


    I also have the following gems for sale. It's late, but if I'm counting correctly it's 84 100 count jars plus low level common gems inside of them (plus a few uncuts and black opals too). All of the gems should be max purified by a capped bard. Possible some were missed. Who knows?

    MB: 10m
    CB: 10m huhwhat SOLD!

    200 almandine garnet
    121 banded sardonyx stone
    30 black opal
    200 black tourmaline
    200 blue cordierite
    191 blue spinel
    200 blue topaz
    181 blue tourmaline
    200 brown zircon
    200 clear sapphire
    200 clear tourmaline
    200 clear zircon
    118 dark red-green bloodstone
    28 dark turquoise stone
    157 deep purple amethyst
    188 fire opal
    200 golden beryl gem
    57 green alexandrite stone
    126 green aventurine stone
    200 green tourmaline
    185 green zircon
    126 iridescent labradorite stone
    200 light pink morganite stone
    200 mottled agate
    200 piece of black jasper
    200 piece of carnelian quartz
    38 piece of cat's eye quartz
    13 piece of citrine quartz
    100 piece of golden amber
    32 piece of polished ivory
    200 piece of red jasper
    192 piece of rose quartz
    200 piece of yellow jasper
    150 pink spinel
    200 pink tourmaline
    124 polished black coral
    130 polished blue coral
    152 quartz crystal
    200 red spinel
    200 rock crystal
    31 shard of rainbow quartz
    200 star diopside
    98 uncut diamond
    69 uncut emerald
    86 uncut ruby
    185 violet spinel
    200 yellow zircon
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    48x 100 count gem jars, empty.

    mb on the empties

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    Empties going once to Stigs.

    Dropped MB from 12m to 10m on the filled jars, which is less than the cost of the jars at 125k each!

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    5m empties

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    MB on the gems/jar combo.

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    Empties marked sold. Other set moved to going twice, will be sold tonight if no other bids.

    Discord me @ Blazar#7986 for pickup please.

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    Sorry, I forgot to update this last night.

    Lowbie gem collection sold to huhwhat for 10m. We'll need some time for this transaction, so please hit me up on Discord later tonight or this weekend: Blazar#7986

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