Clothing [1]: a smooth bone ring pierced by tiny crystal shards
Total items: 1
>l my ring
Across the surface of the ring, spots of ochre and brown stains radiate from tiny crystalline structures embedded in the bone. Ichor green motes and shadows lurk within the crystals, living inclusions that alternately lighten and darken the calcification along the ring's edges. A faint pulse, deep and bone-jarring, accompanies the flickering, beating like a necrotic heart.

Powerful magic pulses from the smooth bone ring. When worn, it has a chance to summon an undead creature from a recently slain creature. It has 0 charges. It is not currently attuned to anyone.

Eclipsing your mind's eye with shadows and the faint flicker of burning candles, the history of a smooth bone ring pierced by tiny crystal shards comes to you slowly. Vague outlines in the murk solidify into drawn chalk designs upon a smooth stone floor, the arcane twists and curves illuminated by thirteen fitfully burning votives. Steady and rhythmic, the repeated words of a chant punctuate the air, though their meaning and the source is unclear. Gradually, a sanguine ribbon of light rises out of the haze of candlelight and takes its time expanding. It grows in size and shape to form a hazy portal and, at the moment of its completion, a demonic being steps forth from its depths. Screeching into the cold stone of the summoning chamber, the grotesque monstrosity begins to move, but the vision grows fuzzy and fades away.

Wearing this ring while in the arena will charge it. You can also charge it by spending seashells instead of completing the arena. When charged, it will randomly convert a slain living foe into an undead foe that can be released. It will attune to the wearer.

MB: 5m
BO: 15m