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Thread: text that craps

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    Default text that craps

    10x zelnorn small shield spiked 10 percent lightning resistance 10 percent fire resistance... 223 million*SOLD*

    , 6x T5 ensorccelled eonake handaxe (thrown returner) 4 CER crit +10 magic bane... 275 mil

    , 7x zelnorn full plate max light 89 mil

    , 10x T5 ensorcelled ghezeyte handaxe (ethereal strung thrown returner) T3 dispel ghezzy flares 10 CER... 1.33 billion silver coins(string alone was 1.25 mil blood)

    T2 shield cape 5/200 upgraded bangle has 50 percent reduction on 140 pounds.... 209 mil*SOLD*

    coins trades blood and even Bitcoin....

    help me feed my kids
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    bumper stealskins!

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    Zelnorn shield gone get it before dr! Make some offers!

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    How does any of that stuff take a dump?
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    40 mil silver offer for everything.

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    Done Beldar meet me East of bank

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    That returner is junk
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    shield cape gone

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    10x T5 ensorcelled shortsword parasite T3 rot flares void flares and parasite flares(convert this weapon base at DR for 50k make some sweet gloves or a quarterstaff!) 450 mil,

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    these text items fux
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