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Thread: Custom Character Signs - REAL LIFE ITEM! See Details! Feeler post

  1. Default Custom Character Signs - REAL LIFE ITEM! See Details! Feeler post

    Im putting feelers out there to see if anyone would be interested in a custom hand made character wall sign. Not going to go into details just yet but to throw it all in a nutshell here's what im offering....

    I make custom hand made wood signs as a side business. Last week I created some profession character signs and made 2 for myself and one for Roblar. See below. Im seeing if anyone else would be interested in having a custom character sign made for their home. YES this is a REAL sign for your REAL house!

    The signs are made of real wood pine board. They are approx 9"x10" hand sanded, clear coated and have a nail hanger on the back. I have a sign for all professions and you can customize it by adding your characters name up to 20 letters. Id be looking to post this as a flat rate $35-PP or Venmo or 7 mill silvers in game. PLUS $8 shipping paid PP/Venmo for continental USA. NO international, Hawaii or Alaska shipping.(This is IF I can get them in a flat rate box. Still need to check that)

    AGAIN this is a feeler post to see what the interest is.. IF and WHEN I decide to post them for sale I'll make another post with finer details.

    Here are a few examples of the signs i made and all the profession logos. All images are property of Skoolie Graphics LLC..... wizard sign.jpgPaladin sign.jpgwarrior sign.jpg
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    Love it, good hustle dude
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    Nice. ��

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    That's cool. I'd have a sign.

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