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Thread: sonic sword script need help

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    Default sonic sword script need help

    As a Bard we get an animated sword, one of the issues is stopping in the middle of a hunt to execute a command. The commands are pretty basic but I wanted to make using the Singing Sword a bit more controllable. for instance if you walk into a room and other players are there It should CEASE it's attack, If it gets stuck somewhere to have it RETURN. Also a Bard may be singing a bunch of songs so a check to see if mana was low. I tried using strormfront scripts but saw Lich had some handles that would do this easily. So I tried to convert my script to Lich and here is my result:
    ## Singing sword utility script
    ## var variable is weapon type or hard code in weapon type in line 6
    ## If weapon is hard coded, change weapon type in Missing subroutine line 26
    ## Ver 1.0 usable in WL Gaveyard against Pookas and Spectral miners
    ## Start Singing Sword
    fPut Prep 1025
    @variable[1] = 'value'
    fPut SING variable[1]
    #Main loop
    If GameObj.npcs.find { |npc| (npc.status !~ /dead/) && (npc.type =~ /aggressive/) }= Spectral Miner then fput TELL WEAPON TO ATTACK Spectral miner
    If GameObj.npcs.find { |npc| (npc.status !~ /dead/) && (npc.type =~ /aggressive/) }= Ghostly pooka then fput TELL WEAPON TO ATTACK Ghostly Pooka
    if GameObj.pcs == 1 Occupied
    match Missing Animated variable[1]
    match traveling Lich: go2 active.
    if upstream_get =”exit” end
    goto start
    # If Sword not present
    if checkspell "Singing Sword" fput TELL WEAPON TO RETURN else goto sing
    goto start
    # Song not being sung
    fPut Prep 1025
    fPut SING variable[1]
    goto start
    # if room is occupied
    If GameObj.pcs == 0 fput TELL WEAPON TO CEASE else NEXTROOM
    goto start
    # Check mana level
    put mana
    if checkmana <=50 fput Stop 1025
    echo not enough Mana avalable.
    wait_until { mana(90} goto start
    goto start
    # Go2 Traveling
    wait_until Lich: go2 has exited.
    Goto start
    Well as you can see it doesn't even get to singing the song before it errors out. Would one of you all take a look and help me correct my errors?


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    I think this will do what you're looking for:

    current_room =
    target_id = nil
    	if checkmana <= 50
    		fput "stop 1025"
    		echo "Running low on mana."
    		wait_until { checkmana(90) }
    	Spell[1025].cast(script.vars[1]) if !Spell[1025].active? && checkmana(90)
    	fput "tell weapon to return" if Spell[1025].active? && !GameObj.npcs.find{ |i| =~ /#{script.vars[1]}/}
    	target = GameObj.targets.find{|i| =~ /miner|pooka/i }
    	if target
    		if target_id !=
    			fput "tell weapon to attack #{target}"
    			target_id =
    	if != current_room
    		current_room =
    		fput "tell weapon to cease" if checkpcs
    	if running? "go2"
    		fput "tell weapon to cease"
    		wait_while{ running?('go2') }
    	sleep 0.5
    You're gonna have to play around with it a bit to be sure because I didn't test everything.

    You can start it like:

    ;sonic lance

    For example if you want to use a sonic lance.


    ;sonic broadsword

    For a broadsword and etc etc.

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    Except for trying to cast 1025 continuously it works. My programming was all in basic, I can follow your structure. I think the problem is that casting the spell is inside the primary loop. So to correct this put the statement Spell[1025].cast(script.vars[1]) outside the primary loop and just do an if-then statement but I've no idea the correct format for that type of statement in Ruby.
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    It should only cast 1025 if 1025 is not active which is kept track by ;magic.

    Do you have a custom prep message or something for 1025 that would make it so Lich wouldn’t recognize it being cast?

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    the actual terms are prep 1025 (obviously) and Sing weapon type. Using cast works the sword appears, but every time the loop repeats it tries to prep the song again.
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    Yeah Spell[1025].cast does all of that and Lich should track that the spell is active unless you have a custom spell message when casting it or something because Lich looks for the standard cast line to see if the spell was cast.

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    the actual terms are prep 1025 (obviously) and Sing weapon type. Here is a capture of the spell veing cast:

    prepare 1025
    You begin your musical chant for Singing Sword Song...
    Your spellsong is ready.
    [sss]>cast longsword
    You sing a melody.
    An animated longsword appears and hovers near you.
    Sing Roundtime 3 Seconds.

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    Yeah that's the standard messaging.

    With 1025 going does it show up when you do ;magic?

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    You'll love this:


    - Minor Spirit:
    101: Spirit Warding I - 0:41:01
    104: Disease Resistance - 0:40:21
    105: Poison Resistance - 0:40:23
    107: Spirit Warding II - 0:46:18
    112: Water Walking - 0:46:20

    - Minor Elemental:
    401: Elemental Defense I - 0:44:21
    406: Elemental Defense II - 0:44:23
    414: Elemental Defense III - 0:38:54

    - Major Elemental:
    503: Thurfel's Ward - 0:41:52
    509: Strength - 0:41:54

    - Ranger:
    601: Natural Colors - 0:38:55
    602: Resist Elements - 0:40:59
    618: Mobility - 0:41:04

    - Wizard:
    911: Mass Blur - 0:38:58

    - Minor Mental:
    1204: Foresight - 0:39:42
    1208: Mindward - 0:39:43

    - Armor Specialization:
    9504: Armor Support - 0:31:18

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    And I do have a sonic sword following me around.

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