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Thread: Grimburn's Eternal Sales Thread

  1. Default Grimburn's Eternal Sales Thread

    Pickup will be in the Landing. PM me or find Grimburn in game. I'll keep this list current, so if you see it here, it's available even if this thread hasn't been bumped in awhile. Cash only.


    a gear-studded scarlet leather toolbelt - $5
    Gnomish Repair Toolbelt. Allows you to alter compatible items to have damaged descriptions, and then fix them later, if you want. Waist worn, very small amount with enough space for a couple of items of very small size. Works with many of the other steampunk items in this listing, and many generic items as well.
    >analy toolb
    You inspect the scarlet leather toolbelt and the creator has provided the following information:

    Looking over the toolbelt and inspecting its finer details, you realize that it will always need to be "a/n (whatever)/(whatever)/toolbelt". The item's article and adjective CAN be changed, but "toolbelt" is the only valid noun.

    This is a Gnomish Repair Toolbelt, which means it is scripted to interact both with run-of-the-mill, generic items and with items which have "damaged" text strings stored in them. This toolbelt provides standard messaging when working on generic items, and specific messaging when working on items which are part of the Gnomish Repair System. Items can be set up with "damaged" text strings so that they can interact with the Gnomish Repair System without being scripted. IF SCRIPTED, such items will state in their analysis text that they are part of the system.

    If you were to play with the toolbelt, then you'd find that you can analyze, wear, remove, clean, pinch, poke, pull, and twist it.

    Clean, pinch, poke, and pull provide standard interactions for generic items. G.R.S items need to be "damaged" in order for the toolbelt to interact with them. TWIST will set a G.R.S. item's long description to one of its four damaged descriptions. When a G.R.S. item is damaged, the same verbs will provide specific messaging as the item is "repaired."

    NOTE: This toolbelt currently supports interaction with a limited variety of generic items. These include: shields, goggles, crossbows (mechanical and otherwise), longbows, composite bows, short bows, runestaffs, swords, and axes.

    SCRIPT NAME: Gnomish Repair Toolbelt

    You might be able to have a talented merchant lighten the scarlet leather toolbelt for you or deepen its pockets.

    a branded leather case inset with well-oiled metal gears - $5
    Belt worn, 2 lbs, holds medium amount for any number of items, zested open/close.
    >open case
    As you press a tiny button flush against the side of the case, you watch the metal gears turn counterclockwise, allowing you access to the contents within.
    >close case
    As you nudge the sides of your case together, the well-oiled gears tick clockwise, forming a seal as they fasten the container shut.


    a perfect steel-shafted kelyn lance - $20
    5x (+25), perfect forging.

    a fiery orange mithril claidhmore- $15
    1x (+5) new style.

    an ora-hilted faenor claidhmore - $25
    +8, new style claid.

    a perfect gornar-hafted rhimar handaxe - $20
    5x (+25), perfect forged rhimar, cold flares.

    a perfect maoral-hilted mithril longsword - $75
    7x (+35), 4 points of critical weighting (fairly).

    a perfect maoral-hilted steel greatsword - $100
    7x (+35), blessable, T2 ensorcelled, max light.

    a perfect oak-hafted drakar greataxe - $275
    7x (+35) battle axe, custom drakar fire flares to 70, greater elemental fire flares, somewhat crit weighted (5 CER), T5 ensorcelled, max light at 5 lbs., perfectly forged drakar weapon. As a greater elemental weapon, it has several zests. Changes your eye color to "fiery deep black eyes" for awhile when raised. Great troll warcamp/glacier/cold climate weapon. Custom drakar fire flares: ** Lancing outward from your drakar greataxe, a thin whip of fire lashes out at a thunder troll! **
    >raise greata
    You raise your drakar greataxe and a gout of flame explodes outward from it, tapering off into several different streams that encircle you in a blazing inferno that roars with the fury of a million burning stars. As the intense light grows around you your eyes simply become *used* to it, and you find yourself gazing about the world with a new vision as the blaze fades away...
    Roundtime: 8 sec.

    a perfect deringo-hafted gornar falchion - $20
    +25, perfect gornar weapon, earth/vibration/impact flares to 70, 5 lbs.

    a perfect walnut-hafted faenor flail - $15
    +20, perfect forging.

    a perfect vultite maul- $25
    +25, perfect forging.

    a perfect kelyn mattock - $20
    +25, perfect forging.

    a perfect mithril greatsword - $20
    +25, perfect forging.

    a perfect walnut-hafted vaalorn maul - $30
    +25, perfect forging.

    a perfect kelyn spikestar - $20
    +25, perfect forging.


    some gleaming glaes full plate - $100
    5x, +10 THW bonus (lvl 33 to use), +4 Summoning bonus. Simple project (80 difficulty)..

    some stygian mithglin plate armor - $15
    4x full plate, void flares, 67 lbs.

    some thick cuirbouilli leather - $75
    5x, heavily damage padded (9 points), +6 Max Stamina (13 trains to use).

    some golden cuirbouilli leather - $60
    It imparts a bonus of +20 more than usual.
    It provides a boost of 15 to Influence Base.
    This enhancement may not be used by adventurers who have not trained 48 times.
    It provides a boost of 8 to Max Mana.
    This enhancement may not be used by adventurers who have not trained 22 times.
    It provides a boost of 1 to Sorcerous Lore - Necromancy Bonus.
    This enhancement may not be used by adventurers who have not trained 1 times.
    The leather looks to have a lot of charges remaining.
    It will persist after its last enhancive charge has been expended.
    It appears to weigh about 17 pounds.
    It is a simple project (49 difficulty) for an adventurer to modify.


    a pitch black mithglin mantlet with sturdy ebonwood grips - $5
    4x tower shield, void flares, further enchantable (121 difficulty).
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    I'll take the clock tower
    Discord: Dante#0391

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    Added a couple of perfect THW's, claids, containers, etc.

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    Removed sold items and added a couple things.

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    More gone and some new things bump.

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    Offers welcome.

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    Removed sold items, added some new things.

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    Updated. Several perfect flaring weapons added. Tons more lower end items in my Landing shop, as well. Lich 374.

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    Added some higher end cuirbouilli armors and a couple of perfect weapons.

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