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Thread: Acuity Staff for Warding Cleric?

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    Default Acuity Staff for Warding Cleric?

    Just curious how handy an acuity flaring staff comes in for a warding cleric? If given the choice between a void flaring staff or an acuity staff, which way would you go?

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    i think i almost pick acuity for any CS base.. no doubt in this case

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    Here is where I would use Acuity over some other type of flaring weapon

    1. 6x or more
    2. If I am not trained up to my best CS potential

    Ultimately it is what you like best. I have had the opportunity to add acuity on two runestaves and opted for dispel flares instead, CS is always nice but it certainly isn't an issue either for me at this point.
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