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    The bugs are super annoying yeah... but there still isn't a game that offers even half of what Star Citizen does in it's bug filled quarter developed alpha state, lol.

    Been playing a lot of Everspace 2 lately, though, really similar to Freelancer.
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    They put 3.18.2 out a couple days back and are running the Xenothreat event now. It's a bit less buggy right now than it was in the last patch cycle. Unfortunately, I think free fly ended. Xenothreat is kinda neat because you can see some capital ships in action - Idris and Javelin - which aren't flyable in game yet. Also, as part of the event everyone gets a Blade, Arrow, and Gladius loaners with best weapons / equipment for the event. Those are the top 3 dogfighting light fighter ships (meta) that work well in PvP and PvE.
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    Almost related but not really:

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    Bumping someone else's thread once again as Invictus event for this game is going to happen on Friday (5/19) with a free fly (pretty sure). It's an in-game military ship convention with each day having one or more manufacturers representing their combat ships. You can rent every ship on display for free, and test them all out. Pretty fun event and gives a lot of access to content that would otherwise require a lot of in-game grinding or whale level spending. The ships range from small snub fighters to massive multi-crew gunships. I think they'll even have one of the big capital ships on display (Idris) that is like a 1/3 size star destroyer. Game has a lot of Star Wars like ships now - Scorpius = X-Wing, Reliant = B-Wing, they are launching a new ship called the Fury which is basically a Tie Fighter, and their Mercury Star Runner is pretty much a reskinned Millennium Falcon.

    If you decide to check it out, the current build is Alpha 3.19, and it's surprisingly decent with a lot fewer bugs than the last patch cycle. They even added a new player experience tutorial that takes like 30 minutes, and gives people the basics of how to play the game so you can depend a little less on YouTube player tutorials. Worth a gander even if it's just for the free fly period. I won't be on this weekend, but if you jump in and want to group up next week you can PM me and maybe get up to some shenanigans.

    Aside from the combat focused event, they updated Salvaging and Mining quite significantly in this last patch which are non-combat activities, and I think they did some Trading (space trucking) updates.

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    Casts animate dead

    Star Citizen is free fly again! Major improvements and steps forward.
    1. No more server crashing, they have server recovery now!
    2. Amazing character creator!
    3. FSR / DLSS support for upscaling and better in-game FPS.
    4. The AI is less dumb (still dumb, but you might get overwhelmed).
    5. Upgraded graphics that look incredible!

    Try it for free for the next couple weeks, and you can rent every military grade ship in the Expo Center of Area 18 for free!
    Be sure to use a the referral code to get free stuff on your account (STAR-NTBG-T47L)

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