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    So its been a hot minute since I took one of my Rogues through Stunman. Previously those old stunning skulls were the way to go but curious if theres a better method now?
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    They are still the best way since I think that the stun duration is fixed but I mastered only using moonshine. It might have taken a little extra time but it was not anything appreciable.

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    There are also helms that when attached, stun you for something like 5 seconds flat. That’s what I used, and the stun was pretty much always gone before the RT.

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    Whichever method you stun with (drinks, skulls, etc), if you are able to time it so there's less than 5-10 seconds remaining, you increase your chances of success.

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    As mentioned, there's a number of different options like the moonshine from Plur's Pub which is free, but the stunning skulls I believe have the most consistent stun time which was what made them so desirable for the stunman reps. Never played around with the stunning helms that Palcron mentioned, so those might be good too if they're consistent.

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    Thank you all for the input. Yea I remember the Skull being the win for the fixed stun method to time that last second attempt. @Palcron, any chance you know of a key wording I can use to search around for one of those helms? They sound perfect.
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    No idea on where to find one, but conveniently, I still own the one that I used and you’re welcome to borrow it. I dug it out of a locker and realized that it’s actually a 10 second stun, but it always seemed to sync up pretty well with the RT for each maneuver.

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    Fuggin legend my dude. I'll reach out when I finish cheap shots, really appreciate it.
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    If you want to buy one for yourself a bunch of stunning skulls went out a few years ago at EG. They were selling pretty cheap, like 50k. I'd imagine you'd be able to find one if you ask around. They're dolphin skulls, otter skulls, and manatee skulls.

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