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    Hey everyone, Ascension is now available in Platinum and will be headed to the other instances in the following days. Ascension is a new system that allows you to divert experience into an Ascension Training Point (ATP) pool, which can then be spent on Ascension Skills to further define your character. Ascension is focused on Post-Cap Development, but is not restricted to level 100 characters. Starting at level 20, you can divert up to your level as a percentage of your experience gain towards Ascension Experience (AEXP). Every 50,000 AEXP will net you 1 ATP, which may then be spent on Common, Elite, or Legendary skills. This initial phase is limited to the Common tier, and more details on Elite/Legendary will be released at a later date.

    See for the initial post regarding the Ascension system. The wiki page at will be updated as the system progresses. Finally, the ASCENSION verb is available in-game for more information, and has been copied below for your convenience.

    USAGE: ASCENSION [option] [args]

    EXP - View your Ascension experience and ATP
    SET {#} - Set the percent of experience to absorb as Ascension experience
    LEARN {skill} - Trade in Ascension Training Points to unlock an skill
    UNLEARN {skill} - Trade in an Ascension skill for Ascension Training Points
    LIST {tier} - Lists Ascension skills by tier available for you to unlock
    INFO - Displays your current Ascension skills
    MILESTONES - View your Ascension Milestone progress
    HELP {skill} - Lists information about the selected skill

    Note: All {skill} references above require use of the skill mnemonic.

    This message was originally posted in Combat, Magic, and Character Mechanics, Ascension. To discuss the above, follow the link below.

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    Wow, surprisingly quiet for such a new system! If I understand this correctly, I think it's great not to have to use the enhancive system so much and finally "own" these bonuses. I also like the experience diversion feature so we're not forced to use death sting as a means to slow level progression and can get started soon. At 50k per point, it does seem expensive but that's really only about 1.5 Gifts of Lumnis of experience.

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