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  1. Smile Winterfest 5120

    Greetings everyone!

    Winterfest is almost here. I've already started putting things together.

    The dates for Winterfest this year are Dec 17th-20th. It's a Thursday thru Sunday.

    If your House, Organization, other type of group, or you individually want to participate, you can go ahead and start your planning and thinking process. To prevent events from overlapping, we'll be using a form where you can pick a time slot. Once you pick that time slot and submit the form, that time will be removed from the form automatically. It will be a first come, first serve. My suggestion is to have a couple times in mind. Time slots are available for the choosing right now. They are in one hour increments, so there are plenty of spots to choose.

    If you participated last year, we look forward to having you host an event again this year.

    Also, beginning November 1st, nominations will open for Frost King and Frost Queen. Dhairn and Leifa won your votes last year. Is this year your turn? Keep an eye out for when the nominations open.

    Winterfest Website:

    If you have any questions in the meantime, do not hesitate to reach out to me!
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    Richaard Zephyr
    Argent Aspis' Argent Bursar

  2. Default

    Hello all!

    There are other big plans in Elanthia the first week of December, so WINTERFEST 5120 has been pushed out another week and will take place Dec 17-20 instead.

    If you're already working on an event, please plan accordingly.
    Richaard Zephyr
    Argent Aspis' Argent Bursar

  3. Default Winterfest 5120 - Frost King and Queen Nominations Now Open!

    Hello everyone!

    The time has arrived for the people of Elanthia to nominate themselves for the Winterfest 5120 Frost Royalty. The nomination form will be open from now through the 15th. Then, for the rest of the month, the ballots open for voting. In December, on the opening of Winterfest, it will be revealed who the people of Elanthia have chosen!

    Do you want to be this year's Frost King or Queen?

    1. Players nominate their own character. Please only nominate one character on your account as your presence is required at the crowning ceremony and all other events.
    2. Characters on F2P, Basic, and Premium accounts are eligible to submit a nomination. It is suggested the character submitting a nomination is well known so they receive plenty of votes when the time comes.
    3. Officers of House Argent Aspis and ICICLE are ineligible to run for Frost King or Frost Queen. Members of Argent Aspis however may submit a nomination.
    4. Frost King and Queen will get extra Winterfest tokens, a zesty crown/diadem that can hold a gem, a wand holding scepter, a ride on the Winterfest float, and bragging rights.
    5. Dates for Winterfest 5120 are Eorgaen (December) 17th - 20th. Please only submit a nomination if you know or think you can attend events these days. The seventeenth and twentieth are crucial evenings to attend.
    6. The first five submitted nominations for male characters and the first five for female characters will be our Frost Royalty Court. Any others submitted will be backups if the first ten back out before the voting process.

    If you'd like to be on the ballot, head over to:
    Richaard Zephyr
    Argent Aspis' Argent Bursar

  4. Default Winterfest 5120: Frost King & Frost Queen Voting Now Open!

    Greetings everyone!

    The nominations are closed and the voting ballots are now ready for you to pick a new Frost King and Frost Queen for Winterfest 5120!

    The voting will run through the rest of the month. Then on the opening day of Winterfest 5120, we'll find out who the next Frost King and Queen are.


    Best of luck to the nominees!
    Richaard Zephyr
    Argent Aspis' Argent Bursar

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