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Thread: Who is managing Lich these days?

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    Default Who is managing Lich these days?

    Is Tillmen still doing this or not?

    I need to have my password fixed because I can't delete or re-upload any scripts under my account. I sent a PM to him a number of days ago but haven't heard back. Who can help fix the password issue?


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    You can try this:

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    That only resets the lnet password. It does not help with the repo password. Even though I reset lnet, it does nothing for repo. I didn't realize that lnet had its own password. So, to clarify, I can't upload any new scripts or delete scripts I previously managed because it says I don't have the correct password and am unauthorized.
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    I did not either. I had thought they were one and the same. Thank you for pointing this out.

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    I want to say that when I had an issue the password was simply password but when i was trying to play with it it was to update the maps not scripts... and that was a year or so ago..? It may be different for you if you actually set one up special to you and do not remember. Worth a shot maybe.

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    I ended up hacking it with numerous password attempts and found the correct one so now I can change it.

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