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Thread: Melee Cleric - Looking for feedback

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    Default Melee Cleric - Looking for feedback

    Before I'm told to just play a paladin (lol), know that I have a level 36 Pally currently.

    I've always loved clerics and feel like a melee one might be more viable with the recent spell changes. The SMR spells are sexy and don't need a super buffed CS to work. I've gone to level 41 as a pure caster and want a change.

    As such, I've rolled a new second cleric and am looking for suggestions on training, spell use, lores, equipment, etc.

    Race: Human
    Deity: Eorgina

    Core Training thoughts:
    1x Armor to maybe Chain Mail? 8% hindrance wouldn't bother me. But this might be too many TP's to invest for 50 ranks
    1x THW (currently own a 5x T1 Iasha Maul)
    1x CM
    1x HP
    1x PF
    2x SA

    1x Cleric
    Major Spirit to 215 then Minor Spirit to 130

    I figure TP's will be short for a long while, so I'm curious on feedback to which lores to focus on.

    For now, I'm content using my Iasha Maul but I'd eventually like to invest in a nastier weapon. I've saved around 150k bs and usually make around 100k each DR. I'm open to suggestions on good scripts/certs that would make a good cleric weapon. If the build pans out, I'm going to invest time/money into his equipment/enhancives.

    Open to any feedback/suggestions (besides "just go pure" ) . Let me have it!

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    I've never tried a melee cleric, so I can't speak to anything specific, but I do play a THW empath so I have a couple thoughts on this.

    Between 1x THW and 1x CM, TPs are likely already gonna be tight before you add your spells on top of that. I doubt that you will have the TPs to spare on both AU up to chain, as well as 2x SA. I'm also not convinced that it's really worth the extra TP squeeze to get into chest-only chain, you could stop at 35 and get a nice set of brig and have a few more TPs to spend. You'll almost certainly also want 2x PF for the better SMR defense as well as more stamina, and you won't have 1107 to get your stamina back from CMs and GoS sigils.

    As you get higher level, say ~80ish and above, AS will really become an issue because the melee defenses on mobs are tweaked more for a higher AS warrior/paladin type, so you'll want a fairly high enchant maul I'd think. Also, you won't have access to 1130 like a melee empath so I think your AS will suffer even more around this point.

    If you really wanna do it, my advice is to do it as an empath, but it might still be viable, I dunno.

    Just my $.02.

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    So I think if you focus your hunting you could be successful for quite some time. I think a powerful weapon for you is the utilization of 301 with hunting (though it will restrict some hunting obviously). That DS push-up and lock-down will be a huge boost. If you really want to focus on the melee aspect of the Cleric I personally would ditch the SA and use those points to help push up armor ranks/CM/THW to make sure they are as high as possible and then if needed you could supplement with AS or just keep boosting cleric spell circle to keep the CS up to help for locking foes down. the SMR spells are also impacted by spell ranks which may offset the loss of SA and again if you have something under 301 you are getting a big roll boost to your SMR spells.

    For what it is worth my Cleric was in his mid 40s as a pure rocking Brig and 35 casting ranks - I ended up finding a nice set of doubles and dialed it back otherwise I would still be in Brig so the chainmail is certainly attainable.
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    My advice is either:

    1) play an empath, which is the better version of a cleric (in pretty much all respects, not just melee)

    2) go hit the forums and join the chorus of people who have been asking for buffs to melee clerics for years to no avail, and explain your reasoning in detail

    3) step it way up at Duskruin and be ready to blow more than a million BS over the course of several years so you can get things like 7x+ zelnorn armor, 7x+ weapons, every AS-boosting spell you can find at Spellbound, and the highest of high end gear scripts such as T3 briar, only to realize that doing so will still only bring you up to the level of an empath who's using 4x vanilla gear since 1117 and 1130 are just that good

    Lastly, if you insist on doing this anyway, you're mistaken about not needing high CS. CS remains the most important part because compensation for poor AS requires more of a DS drop than 309 can offer, which means you have to rely on spells like 316 and 118.

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    Orr.... just play a paladin?

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    I'm going to second Leafiara and Velfi's posts. If you want to be a THW swinging pure, empath is the way to go.

    With the advent of 320, 309, and such, clerics are far better as a pure than as a swinger. And they excel at it.

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