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Thread: Lost a rune staff in TSC 10 minutes ago

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    Default Lost a rune staff in TSC 10 minutes ago

    I put it in a torn lilac cloak by accident in the TSC I saw my mistake went back and both the cloak and staff have gone, GM confirmed someone has it. The funny thing is exactly the same thing happened to me with my wallet when I was a student, I left on the seat next to me on the train got up walked 3 steps realised my mistake turned around later wallet gone all in about 5 seconds...

    edit - This is from my log xxx put a twisted illthorn scepter capped with a glowing verdant orb in a torn lilac cloak.
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    Given that it's TSC probably 20 people have logs of whoever did take it.

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    There wasn't much screen scroll the GM could see what happened but I think their hands are tied. It's only a 5x staff with mana flares but it's the dishonesty which is really poking my guts I thought this place was past that.

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    I'm not really sure from what you've said where the dishonesty comes into play. You put something on the ground accidentally, and someone picked it up. That doesn't make them dishonest. Things on the ground in TSC are generally there for the taking, especially if left for more than a few minutes. No one could have possibly known it was yours and it was placed there on accident.

    Posting here is a good step, but accusing people of dishonesty is going a bit too far unless you know someone took it, knowing it was yours and that you still wanted it. That does not seem to be what happened here. This community is pretty tight knit from what I've seen, so if the person who took it finds out it was an accident, I'd bet they'd give it back, but less likely to do so if you accuse them of being dishonest. Just my two cents, but if I put something in the wrong container, knowing I should have used MY container, I typically don't blame anyone but myself. Personal responsibility and all of that stuff.

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    Hello! I have it. I sent you a reply on discord to arrange pickup
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    Thankyou very much and I'm eating crow

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