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Thread: Windows 10 and Wizard FE

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    Hey Brantharix,

    I'm having the same problem with my Windows 10, was curious what you did to solve this? (Assuming you got it working?)

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    Hey there!

    Sorry, I didn't! I gave up and just created a Windows 7 VM to play on. For some reason the installer would JUST NOT WORK on Windows 10 sadly.

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    I totally feel your frustration with Windows 10 and the Wizard FE issue. I've been through that too, and trust me, it's not fun. So, after some trial and error, I managed to get it working. But that was with the help of a professional who set up the encryption keys for me. So try to do it yourself or entrust it to a specialist.

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    I totally feel you on the Windows 10 and Wizard FE issue! I had a similar problem a while back, and it drove me crazy. So, here's what I did: I stumbled upon this website called windows keys, and they had a really affordable cheap windows 10 key. Initially, I was skeptical because, you know, "cheap" can sometimes mean shady, right? But I took a chance, and guess what? It actually worked! I got my Windows 10 activated, and the Wizard FE problem magically disappeared! Remember, always be cautious with third-party vendors, but sometimes, there are hidden gems out there that can save the day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brantharix View Post
    I'm considering taking it a step further and doing a pen and paper GemStone IV group. Just need to find some fixed dice so I can mimic that awesome rng.
    Gemstone was based on the Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE age) Rolemaster System. It was a pen and paper system before it was ever an MORPG. I still have the rules somewhere. It's complicated, but you just roll 2 10 sided dice to create that d100 system, and if you roll a 96 or higher you roll again and add it, etc. Then consult the critical chart to check your damage. A bit tedious, but it was an entertaining shift from DnD. The critical damage was described in the charts, and very graphic, just like it is in GS today.
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