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Thread: Crit or Damage weighting

  1. Default Crit or Damage weighting

    About to add some WPS to my new toys. I was debating about which to add.

    Someone recommended Damage hands crit on feet?


    You smack the arctic titan with your black cotton handwraps on one side of its head, then reverse direction and crack it across the other!

    The arctic titan wobbles a bit then dramatically falls to the ground!

    ... 25 points of damage!
    Solid strike caves the arctic titan's skull in, resulting in instant death!
    The arctic titan screams evilly one last time and goes still.
    Your series of strikes and ripostes leaves you off-balance and out of position.
    Roundtime: 5 sec.

  2. Default

    In my experience, crit doesn't do much for UAC. Tiered up, it's already pretty devastating. If it were me, I'd go damage/flares.
    You remove a pair of oval ora-framed spectacles with pale grey lenses from in your ebon linen vest.

    You unfold the earpieces of your spectacles.

    You put on a pair of oval ora-framed spectacles with pale grey lenses.

    You think to yourself, "Deal with it."

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