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Thread: Ensorcelling Services - Post-Cap Difficulty

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    Default Ensorcelling Services - Post-Cap Difficulty

    Ensorcelling services available at 3m/necroweek. Reservations available as needed. Please message me for free difficulty checks/info.

    Current status: 10k juice available, 15k by 9/23, 25k by 9/30.
    Reserved: Reservations available!

    Overall Ensorcell Bonus: 576 - Post-cap with significant enhancives

    Gift of Eonak included for free, if needed.

    What is a "necroweek"?
    Each Lumnis week, a sorcerer may earn up to 10k necrotic energy.

    At 3m/necroweek, each Tier of Ensorcell costs:
    T1 = 10k energy = 3m
    T2 = 15k energy = 4.5m
    T3 = 20k energy = 6m
    T4 = 25k energy = 7.5m
    T5 = 30k energy = 9m

    I also have these services available:
    Low/Mid-range difficulty ensorcelling
    Moderately difficult enchanting
    Mystic Tattoos - 3 Monks - up to T4

    Feel free to contact me on Discord: jeffee83#9612
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    I just had a reservation cancel and now have 30k juice available.

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    I'll take this. Need a T3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tsalin View Post
    Overall Ensorcell Bonus: 573
    That is an excellent idea! It makes things easily comparable.
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    Still available - I could do not Elgrim's T3 - he needs a mutant! :P

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    Bump - gonna use juice on my own stuff if you don't buy it!

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