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    Today I rescued two bodies in the same room in the wilds. There was a third living healer, all three were no responsive. A fourth (in hiding) who was in the room foraging and witnessed the two deaths, said that they were all not responsive before and after dying.

    After a bit I fogged the bodies back to tsc, leaving the third because her group was closed and the fourth by his own choice.

    I healed the bodies and they were both raised in TSC, still unresponsive as far as I know.

    What is typical protocol with afk now? I’m back after 7 years and am not trying to vulture but I despise death sting.

    Any input on empath culture in GSIV 2020 would be welcome.
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    It's up to you. I usually leave them be if I receive no response when I ask whether they wanted a rescue.

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    If they're non responsive then they are free game in my opinion. Get that experience!

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    If they're non responsive I'll rescue them. Usually I won't heal/raise them unless I'm the only one around and get tired of seeing a body lying there.
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    If their group is open I save them and raise them. I have yet to have anyone track me down and say how dare you. The opposite actually, I’ll get a random Lich PM of them saying sorry they weren’t responsive and thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by Orthin View Post
    I have yet to have anyone track me down and say how dare you.
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    If they're out in the wild and unresponsive, I might fog them back to town but I'm not touching anybody for healing or a raise if they aren't talking.

    edit: Re-reading the OP, my above comment was just for a person. If it's a group like that all not talking, they can fend for themselves.
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    Thank you all for the feedback!
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