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Thread: future of paladins

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taernath View Post
    Word on the street is that the whole blessing v. undead system is going to get reworked.
    That'd be nice.
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    Not sure if a good idea really, and it touches on some systems already in place - but a unique "aura" system would be interesting.

    Paladins already have group buffs which are extremely nice. Perhaps a continuous "aura" based upon training or deity selection? It would not require casting, it would always be "active", it would apply to anyone that joins the paladins group.

    Examples (with horrible names):

    Shield of Ivas: Generates an aura that provides +5 CS to the paladin and their group
    Shield of Kai: Generates an aura that provides +5 AS to the paladin and their group
    Shield of Voln: Generates an aura that provides +10 MB to the paladin and their group


    Not sure on the above, but an idea.

    Additionally would like to see paladins able to apply +TD to armor similar to enchanting/ensorcelling within the confines of the armor system.

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