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    Default Halfling UAC

    About to run into the end of fast skill migration..and just wanted to check with the experts whether I was handicapping myself.

    * 2X in Brawling, Ambush, Dodging, Stalking&Hiding, and Perception
    * Trying to get as close to 3x in lockpicking and disarm as possible
    * 1x in armor use, and combat maneuvers, and physical fitness
    * .5x in TWC

    Basically, my goals are:

    * be able to pick my own boxes with confidence
    * hunt from the shadows with UAC ambush...getting Shadow Mastery and Shadow Dance first from CMAN
    * staying in robes or leather...with light armor mastery
    * getting the max off-hand DS with TWC

    All that seem reasonable? What am I missing?

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    Also meant to say I've got 104...not sure when I'll train that again. Trained magic item use to 13 so I can cast disk with a wearable.

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    If you are going for lockpicking, why 104 and not 404?

    I would be worried about only 1x in PF and CM for combat reasons. Being able to 2x CM is amazing early on, get you 5/5 shadow mastery and 1/2 shadow dance by level 20 means you can hide in 1s RT without any upkeep. That makes ambushing with UAC so much nicer, especially when you have to re-hide constantly.

    Another way to save some TPs is to drop your TWC down to 1 point. It's only +10 DS at .5x. Not that it's a ton of TPs, mind you, but it does help. You could also consider going for light armor mastery, and avoiding the 1x in armor use to some extent. Would only need around 8 ranks to get into double leathers, and take advantage of the lighter armor class for a while.

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    Not sure what you mean about he light armor mastery. Rank 1 is at 20, I think. so at 1x in armor use I only just get that. How would I do less and still get it?

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    Current plan seems fine. However, I would make the changes to switch 104 to 404, drop picking & disarm to 2.5x, put those added points into CM. If you're not stunning with every punch from hiding then drop TWC to 1 rank and add those points to CM as well. Also, disks are easy enough to come by that I'd drop the MIU and use those points for more CM or spells, but that's personal preference. You should also aim to get Punch Mastery.

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    My input, drop TWC to 1 rank, and use small statues to make up the difference. Since you are training MIU you will get decent duration's. But i'd also strongly consider dropping MIU and just use black crystals vs imbeds. Drop 104 for 404, that will help with being a betting locksmith.

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    Sorry, I was transposing 104 and 401. Yes, I'm gong up the minor elemental circle. I do like the idea of getting more CM..I guess if I have to pull from somewhere, MIU and the extra .5 of lockpicking/disarm makes senes....but I hate to fail at opening boxes.

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    At only 2X in pick/disarm with self cast spells you will be in your 60's before you have any issues picking your own boxes.
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