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    Default Spells I'd like to spells and mechanics youd like to see for spells

    Minor Elemental

    WALL OF STONE: initial duration 300. stackable. self cast only. Assigns a -20 modifier to incoming open roll attacks. +1 per 25 ranks of earth lore. Immunity to call wind at 25 earth lore.

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    This proposed spell seems almost identical to the benefits you already get for earth lore in combination with earth lore. A 5% chance to deflect a physical attack results in avoiding some otherwise physical attacks, which is what -20 to attack roll would do.

    A heavy barrier of stone momentarily forms around you and blocks the attack!

    Training in Elemental Lore, Earth unlocks the ability for a 5% chance for a magical barrier to deflect a single physical (AS/DS) attack at 25 ranks, if the caster has all 3 Elemental Defense spells active and has the knowledge to cast all of them. Every 20 additional Earth Lore ranks adds 1% to the deflection chance. Odds are reduced by 1% for every 5 levels the attacker is above the caster.

    Anyway, you should post stuff like this on the officials. Hippogrande does a lot of posts like this, and I am sure they read them all.
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    The point of the spell is to block things like charge, trip, boil earth, etc

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    Ahh, term "open roll attacks" is one I have not seen before. You basically mean all CMLs and all SMRv2. If you post it on the officials, you should use those terms.

    EDIT: you are not even in the ballpark of something they might think about considering. You are asking for -20 to all CML's and SMRv2 rolls. That is not different than +20 CML and +20 SMRv2 defense in one spell. Its my understanding that spells that do give SMRv2 defense, such as mobility, give a 3-4 points of SMRv2 defense (not 20 points!).
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