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Thread: Open UAC vs Open TWC

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    I understand that ranged builds are superior...

    Is there anything that would make an open TWC more viable than an open UAC build? I've been leveling TWC, but considering switching to UAC as I should be able to save some TPs by not having to 2x TWC.

    As a side note, I really wished this forum would let you search 3 letter words.

    Edit: After doing some more research, perhaps the first question I should have asked is - is open UAC even viable? It looks like it might be a deadly build when ambushing from hiding, but way to squishy to be viable in the open? No real savings in TP if I'd have to trade it for ambush/hiding.
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    I pretty much agree with your assessment. If saving TPs is your main goal, you might be able to do that by switching to a shield rather then TWC.... depending on which way you're converting points. My ranger does quite well with a falchion and buckler when she isn't ambushing.

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    Open UAC isn't great unless you have speed modifiers (506/1035) or loads of MoC with high AGIDEX. Otherwise the ambushing aspect that pushes you to a higher tier is what makes UAC viable and powerful for rangers/rogues.

    TWC is just super expensive for rangers. Might recommend trying the shield route instead if you want some TPs back. It might end up being a little slower, but if you're against hiding or ranged, then it could prove to be the next best option.

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    I've done uac and twc with my 42 ranger. tried both from open, didn't fare well. then tried both from hiding (2x hide 1x cman1x ambush) both were quite effective, but I felt uac was stronger.

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    Thanks everyone. I'm back for my annual reactivation. I can't seem to stay away for more than a year.

    I came back to a TWC setup that I had switched to from ranged because ammo mgmt was driving me crazy.

    I might try ranged again since I see there have been a lot of changes. But, I'm going to try hiding/uac on a lower level first to see if I can get a feel for the mechanics.

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