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Thread: 5x SWCP (5 CER) armors & HCP greathelm

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    Default 5x SWCP (5 CER) armors & HCP greathelm

    +25 enchant
    5 CER (50 services) somewhat crit padding
    Anfelt script

    3M each:

    a set of hooded black cotton robes with crimson silk-banded sleeves
    a suit of rolaren-studded brigandine
    a set of gold-linked vultite augmented chainmail
    a polished crimson mithril cuirass trimmed with golden rolaren

    HCP (10 CER) greathelm
    Anfelt script

    a polished silver mithril greathelm covered with thin black rolaren scales - 2.5M
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    Solid prices. Would buy if I needed any of those armors.

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    I'll take the brigandine

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    Fairly certain that greathelm is fully unlocked and does all the things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tsarok View Post
    Fairly certain that greathelm is fully unlocked and does all the things.

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    I’ll take the Aug chain

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    Ill take the robes. Do you only have one set of each?

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    Nope, have several of each.

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    ill take the mbp

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