I'm trying to write a script that responds in different ways to actions (usually bad) that happen on. I can put each event in a separate script and it seems to run ok (mostly). What do I need to do to get this to work in a loop please ? - I was stunned and nothing got triggered so dont think its picking up the game responses properly



script to respond to events


fput ".manap"

loop {
line = get
if line =~ /You are stunned/
fput "symbol of transcen"

elsif line =~ /Use the RECOVER ITEM command while in the appropriate room to regain your item/
fput "symbol of transcen"
fput "take runestaff from my cloak"
kill_script "bigshot"
Script.run('go2', "town")

elsif line =~ /ensnaring your body/
fput "symbol of transcen"

elsif line =~ /A wind wraith releases a groan/

elsif line =~ /Your rage causes you to use all of your skill in an all out attack/
if not spell[140].active?
fput "rub my ruby amulet"
echo "amulet active"