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Thread: Society Choices for Mid-game Ranger

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    Due to a series of stupid un-researched changes I made to my character one of the last times I reactivated, I am only rank 8 in Voln currently. I'm level 58 as an open archer, very content hunting some living targets. I keep hearing how hard GoS is to rank up at higher levels, and that CoL is for lazy people. Voln feels like it will always be an uphill battle for an archer, unless I fixskills to brawling. I got my current rank by spike thorn underhunting, and was tentatively planning to go brawling with this fixskills just to grind out Voln easier. There doesn't appear to be much in the way of corporeal undead up here, beyond the Citadel. I am rather enjoying the money from hunting the living, and the archery changes are pretty nice.

    Should I suck it up and grind out GoS? Do CoL quickly and worry about a real society later? Tough it out with Voln?

    I welcome your feedback.

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    If you GoS, you should snipe. It's actually pretty easy to rank up as a sniper in GoS as long as you avoid orc camps (they're the most perceptive). Stick to low population camps (sub 100), and you can clear them pretty reliably.

    Voln at your level would be easy to master just hunting citadel since those things can be crit killed really easily (except the swordsman). The downside there is that you'll hit a favor wall in your early 70s due to the lack of undead outside of the one you can hunt reliably in EN (shricken). I'd recommend GoS for a ranger since you're not really using your stamina for much else as an archer (unless you're going to get MoC). Voln is also pretty handy, and with the new ammo changes it's easy to keep your arrows blessed with symbol of blessing.

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