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Thread: research on the padding effects of armor accessories

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avaia View Post
    Waitwaitwait...... so if I am wearing a plain-jane helmet that has Warrior fittings on it, then the HCP on my Double Leathers is halved, no matter where I am hit?
    Both would be halved, but only on the head.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BriarFox View Post
    Both would be halved, but only on the head.
    Well isn't that a kick. Now, I have seen both the armor fittings and the helmet fittings "deflect" on the same crawler burrow, and that ain't nothin', but the head protection is only SWCP(?) so would the damage have been less with HCP.

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    After seeing this, I think armor fittings on the helmet are almost always a bad idea. In most cases, I think they will make your chance of death increase.

    Put the armor fittings on the base armor only. In certain cases, armor fittings on the arm and leg greaves might make sense.
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