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    I am trying to set Bigshot up to hunt Nelemar with a specific order of attacks happening depending on the circumstances. It has not worked out that way. Maybe someone can have a look and see what I am doing wrong.

    resting_room_id: '1932'
    resting_commands: stow r
    resting_scripts: waggle, poolparty
    fog_return: 0
    hunting_room_id: '12731'
    hunting_boundaries: 12724, 12700
    targets: magus(d), elemental(b), sentry(c), radical(c), dissembler(c), executioner(c),
    siren(c), combatant(c), defender(c)
    quickhunt_targets: ''
    hunting_stance: guarded
    hunting_prep_commands: gird
    hunting_scripts: isigns
    signs: ''
    loot_script: sloot
    wracking_spirit: ''
    ambush: ''
    archery_aim: ''
    flee_count: ''
    invalid_targets: ''
    always_flee_from: ''
    flee_message: ''
    wander_wait: ''
    hunting_commands: incant 1115
    hunting_commands_b: incant 1120, incant 1117 (mob 3), incant 111(x5)
    hunting_commands_c: incant 1120 (mob 3), incant 1117 (mob 3), incant 1115 (x5)
    hunting_commands_d: incant 1120, incant 1117 (mob 3), incant 1115 (x5)
    hunting_commands_e: ''
    hunting_commands_f: ''

    In this example I enter a room with only 1 siren (c). I wanted it to check for 3 or more mobs and cast 1120, then 1117 if there were 3 or more mobs. If not just 1115. Below it just starts with 1120, then went to 1117 (which I didn't copy) because i killed Bigshot. Any thoughts on how my setup here is wrong? Thanks.

    [Ruined Temple, Third Floor - 12737]
    A pair of columns lean heavily against each other, pulled from their original position and no longer supporting the ceiling. Along the base of the wall, the floor has been punctured, allowing glimpses to the watery floor below. Yellowed bone fragments occupy a cracked wooden box nestled among some of the smaller debris. You also see a siren.
    Obvious paths: north, east
    Your volcano spirit followed.
    A siren begins singing a sweet song.
    A siren focuses a soothing melody towards you!
    CS: +405 - TD: +407 + CvA: +12 + d100: +11 - -5 == +26
    Warded off!
    Nothing happens.
    [bigshot]>target #242591458
    You are now targeting a siren.
    [bigshot]>incant 1120
    You focus your thoughts while chanting the mystical phrase for Sympathy...
    Your spell is ready.
    You gesture at a siren.
    Closing your eyes and expanding your mind outward, you attempt to instill a sense of sympathy into those within the area...

    CS: +508 - TD: +394 + CvA: +20 + d100: +93 == +227
    Warding failed!
    A siren's eyes begin to glow purple.

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    You've got a space between mob and 3. Take that out, should be good to go. My empath routine in Nelemar is below.

    1120 (!pcs mob4 m50), 1117 (mob4 m100), 1115 target (xx)

    And it works great. You do have to account for the fact that Bigshot thinks your 218 (spirit servant) counts as a mob for purposes of that check, so I set my 'flee from' 1 higher than I actually want to flee from.
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