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Thread: Box-found +6 DB claidhmore

  1. Default Box-found +6 DB claidhmore

    Found this in a low-level hunting ground. Loresings like some priceless artifact...

    You remove a bronze-tipped steel claidhmore from in your sailcloth satchel.

    As you sing, you feel a faint resonating vibration from the steel claidhmore in your hand, and you learn something about it...

    The first thing that strikes you about the claidhmore is the weight, which is about 8 pounds. You tremble and can barely hold onto the steel claidhmore. You estimate it must be worth over a hundred million silvers! You can also tell that the steel claidhmore is predominantly crafted of steel.
    Roundtime: 6 sec.

    From the pitch of the vibration you determine that the purpose of the claidhmore is as some type of weapon.
    Roundtime: 5 sec.

    The way it vibrates in tune with your voice tells you that it requires skill in twohanded weapons to use effectively. It also has some type of special ability, but you can't tell what yet.
    Roundtime: 6 sec.

    The harmonics generated tell you that the claidhmore inflicts more fearsome wounds when it strikes and helps defend the one who wields it by granting +6 Defensive Bonus.

    Its loresong has been temporarily unlocked by you for 15 hours and 51 minutes.
    You feel that you have reached the end of the claidhmore's song.
    Roundtime: 7 sec.

    Can you believe it?

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    That is wild for +6 DS to add that much value to a claid. I think the treasure system was high when that spawned.

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    It is essentially a 1x DB item, something that used to be incredibly rare. The treasure system/loresinging code/formula is just as old and has likely not been updated to reflect current market values.

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    Claids always sing wonky if I understand correctly. At least anything out of the ordinary.
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