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    Default Bigshot and 312

    Trying to get the charge time with 312 to work properly with Bigshot and having an issue where it's forcing me into defensive stance before the cast goes off. I've tried the following:

    incant 312 target and wait 3, incant 302 target(xx)
    incant 312 target, wait 3, incant 302 target(xx)

    Is there a better way to include a channel with 312 that keeps me in offensive until looting or walking?

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    It's likely not bigshot related but Spell.cast related. What happens when you try to just do a ;e Spell[312].cast
    Or something similar. I think I saw you asking about this on lnet the other day, but if's likely going to have to require an update to either spell-list.xml, the Spell function in the main lich.rbw, or a supplemental script could be written that does it for you that you would call

    script use312, incant 302 target (xx)

    and then manually using fputs and other logic write how you want/expect 312 to behave for a single cast (including stance dancing) into a script use312.lic.I'

    fput "stance offensive"
    fput "prep 312"
    fput "cast"
    fput "stance defensive"
    Or something like that?
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    Appreciate the reply. Unfortunate it's not some easy fix. The cast itself is a channeled cast with the maximum benefit being give to an open hands, full O, channeled caster who sets the wait time to their discretion. Let me give these options a shot and see what we get.

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