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Thread: Some sbounty help please?

  1. Default Some sbounty help please?

    I thought I had everything right. I don't know why bigshot would be missing commands... these are configured in both bigshot as well as sbounty.

    Sank you!

    >;sbounty bigshot
    --- Lich: sbounty active.
    --- Lich: sbounty-bigshot active.
    --- Lich: sbounty-bigshot has exited.
    You are already an orase runestaff.
    --- Lich: bigshot active.
    | ERROR: Missing required setting: hunting_commands
    | Current Settings:
    | fried:
    | oom:
    | rest_till_mana:
    | rest_till_exp:
    | hunting_commands:
    [bigshot: Cleaning up hunting scripts: bigshot-child.]
    [bigshot: Cleaning up hunting scripts: manaleech.]

  2. Default

    ;bigshot display
    [bigshot: Version: 3.88]
    [bigshot: resting_room_id: 1472]
    [bigshot: resting_scripts: restroutine]
    [bigshot: fog_return: 0]
    [bigshot: hunting_room_id: 9033]
    [bigshot: hunting_boundaries: 5063]
    [bigshot: targets: wood wight,rotting woodsman]
    [bigshot: hunting_stance: offensive]
    [bigshot: hunting_prep_commands: unsh]
    [bigshot: hunting_scripts: bigshot-child, manaleech]
    [bigshot: signs: 9904, 9908, 9912]
    [bigshot: loot_script: waitloot]
    [bigshot: wracking_spirit: 7]
    [bigshot: flee_count: 2]
    [bigshot: hunting_commands_b: incant 502,wait 1,incant 903 evoke(xx),wait 1]
    [bigshot: hunting_commands_d: 906(x1), incant 903(xx)]
    [bigshot: tier3: kick]
    [bigshot: rest_till_exp: 75]
    [bigshot: rest_till_mana: 126]
    [bigshot: rest_till_spirit: 7]
    [bigshot: fried: 100]
    [bigshot: oom: 0]
    [bigshot: encumbered: 20]
    [bigshot: wounded_eval: false]
    [bigshot: dead_man_switch: false]
    [bigshot: monitor_interaction: false]
    [bigshot: depart_switch: false]
    [bigshot: flee_clouds: true]
    [bigshot: flee_vines: true]
    [bigshot: flee_webs: true]
    [bigshot: priority: true]
    [bigshot: use_wracking: true]
    [bigshot: delay_loot: false]
    [bigshot: loot_stance: true]
    [bigshot: pull: true]
    [bigshot: spam: true]
    [bigshot: lone_targets_only: false]
    [bigshot: bless: false]
    [bigshot: uac_smite: false]
    [bigshot: mstrike_cooldown: false]
    [bigshot: mstrike_quickstrike: false]
    [bigshot: hide_for_ammo: false]
    [bigshot: wand_if_oom: false]
    [bigshot: overkill: 1]
    [bigshot: Targetable Character Setting: ["bay centaur", "roan centaur", "tan centaur", "white centaur", "black centaur", "cougar", "shining cougar", "fenghai", "firephantom", "sea nymph", "pra'eda", "snow spectre", "wood wight", "arch wight", "rotting woodsman", "carrion worm", "wraith"]]
    [bigshot: Untargetable Character Setting: []]

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    Disregard, I deleted and re-configured everything, seems to work now.

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