So I continue to tinker around with bigshot for hunting a trio of characters together, but I'm having a couple issues that I'm hoping people can assist with:

1. When hunting as a group, if one character fries before the others, that character stops participating completely in combat. Its usually always the same one first, followed by the predictable second. Is there a way to keep them contributing even when fried? The poor melee character is not amazing at soloing through 6-7 mobs by themselves to fry up, and its not at all optimal.

2. What is the best way to configure mstriking for bigshot? I tried "mstrike target" as the attack routine, but that seems to do an mstrike then wait till the stamina is available for another or the cooldown expires.

3. Is there a way to get the head to wait longer for the other group members to show up? I'm hunting in an area where there is swimming involved, and the head takes off while the others wait for him to get to the hunting zone start room, then they swim and join. Problem is he only waits about 15-20 seconds before deciding they must have drowned or died in a fire and he takes off hunting without them, leading to weirdness at times.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.