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Thread: 28 mil wizard elf and 23 mil wizard elf

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    Default 28 mil wizard elf and 23 mil wizard elf

    perfect stats good standards mostly trades or cash offers

    looking for thrown returner hammers or axes

    let me know

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    Do they come with a combining cert?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amerek View Post
    I bid 2 Flimbos
    2 entire Flimbos will tell a bitch she got what she deserved.
    Quote Originally Posted by ClydeR View Post
    Would you sit by a Chinese on a flight?

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    price tag
    Player of Aethor Whiteaxe, Giantman Cleric

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    I bid 300 dollars on the big one

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    That's $10.71/1MM XP. If that's accepted then I bid $246.43 on the other. I also have one of those blow up hammers from a carnival, pre-pandemic, that I can throw in to sweeten the deal.

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    I have a few Columbia PFG hats I can throw in on my side. Also some Golden Nugget playing cards.

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