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    Can someone help me parse this language in this item description (as an example)?

    When it says, "it has been temporarily enhanced", what specifically is enhanced? The flares? The weighting? Or is it something separate altogether? Do the flares and weighting remain after the enhancement degrades?


    a saw-toothed mithril handaxe
    It imparts a bonus of +5 more than usual.
    It has been infused with the power of an earth elemental.
    It has been temporarily enhanced.
    Its enhancement will degrade when it scores a successful strike.
    It should have quite a few uses left before the enhancement degrades away completely.
    When its enhancement has degraded away, the item will lose its ability to inflict greater damage.
    It appears to weigh about 3 pounds.
    It is weighted to inflict more critical wounds
    It requires skill in edged weapons to use effectively.
    It has been mainly crafted out of mithril.

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    You won't find temporarily flared items spawned in the treasure system.

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