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Thread: HALP! Halfling Rogue Stats for Cap

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    Default HALP! Halfling Rogue Stats for Cap

    So what should I do? Looks like optimal halfling rogue stats are:

    STR 73 100
    CON 62 100
    DEX S 49 100
    AGL P 30 100
    DIS 77 100
    AUR M 82 100
    LOG 77 100
    INT 62 100
    WIS M 88 100
    INF 60 83

    However, the problem with this is that I cannot have more than 4 stats over 70. Assuming I should tank INF, it looks like the most reasonable options are this:

    A) Drop STR down to 70. This leaves 98 at cap. This is sucky as it's not going to be good for archery should I choose it.
    B) Drop DIS down to 70. This leaves 95 at cap. I know this stat is used a lot by rogues for stuns, hiding, etc.
    C) Drop LOG down to 70. This leaves 95 at cap. Probably not a good idea as I want that juicy XP.

    What would you do? HALP!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fortybox View Post

    What would you do? HALP!
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    I'd drop DIS down to 67 to get to 94 at cap, raise INF to 69 to get it to 91 at cap. The rest can get to 100.

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