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Thread: Have you ever played a character that doesn't tip for services?

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    Default Have you ever played a character that doesn't tip for services?

    I was just wondering if you didn't tip for healing or locksmithing (especially if you weren't an asshole about it) did people blacklist you? In the end did they value the experience over the silvers? Did you have any interesting situations or interactions that arose out of it?
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    Not quite what you are looking for but my locksmith never accepted any tips.

    I am sure as long as you are not a jerk it will be fine. You may find some folks won’t work with you but if you have a legitimate RP for it and are up front about it maybe even with OOC whisper you should be fine. I think least likely to care will be empaths but don’t ask for a chrism and then roll out because then you will definitely piss someone off.

    I’ve routinely had contact with folks though who refuse silvers for spell ups, smithing, and life (to include a chrism).

    As long as you aren’t a dick about it I would give it a whirl.
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    As a locksmith and healer I've had people tip me 50-100 silvers for 4-5 boxes/wounds, and I just remember who they are and dont go out of my way to help. I still help if they ask and I'm the only one, but I'll let others help them before I do, and I wont preemptively ask if they need a smith/healer

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    I have played 2 that do not tip often, one in the past and one currently. Healers don't seem seem to care too much. The hunting equivalent would be a creature without loot. Some individual mobs just don't have anything and some just don't even carry treasure by design. I wouldn't even notice if I was blacklisted. There's other healers who don't care and there's herbs. Come to think of it I use herbs on this type of character for most things anyway.

    Locksmithing might be a little different. The picks can get expensive and if they want good experience they're using one that could snap on a fumble. On the flip side scarabs are providing a floor. But I think I'd still expect a few blacklists and more interaction about it overall. The new pool mechanic takes care of it though. They know the tip when they accept the job. I only tried the pool a few times but when I did the tips were negative interaction worthy. I'd have blacklisted the people if there was a name attached.

    Bards would probably blacklist you. They're in demand and not getting experience for it. Clerics are probably between healers and locksmiths but closer to locksmiths. They do get experience but if they don't want to provide service it could get pretty inconvenient.
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    as a rogue, I will never pick a box for you again. As my empath, anything is nice. People tip according to their means. If they are rude or don't even acknowledge the heals, then I will watch them die and decay. Roleplay goes both ways.
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    Yes, for raising and healing services only. I've always tipped for lockpicking services or for difficult, out of the way rescues that required something extra. My main character in GS3 was a cleric and all of my levels were made from raising people so I feel the experience gained from the act alone is payment enough. Same for Empaths. I've made some great friends (and more than friends) with Empaths and those I've spoken with don't require tips for those services due to the exp benefits as well.

    No, I've never been blacklisted, spit on, shit on, etc. for not tipping.
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