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Thread: IMT frozen battlefield mapdb and wayto woes

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    Default IMT frozen battlefield mapdb and wayto woes

    Anyone familiar with editing the mapdb that could fix the frozen battlefield outside icemule west gate? The rooms have limited wayto options which makes navigating the area difficult. For example room 3245 has obvious paths of east, southeast, and south...with climb trench as a non-obvious path. However ;e echo Room[3245].wayto only lists one option "3246"=>"south". This lack of wayto is in most on the rooms surrounding the trench and in the trench itself. If someone familiar with the mapdb could possibly correct these issues, I and I'm sure others would greatly appreciate it.
    W3 4R3 4N0NYM0U5.
    W3 4R3 L3610N.
    W3 D0 N07 F0R61V3.
    W3 D0 N07 F0R637.

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    I'm pretty sure it's weird on the frozen battlefield because go2 goes up and around instead of walking over the ice patches.

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