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Thread: 31 Half-Elf Rogue Male. Geared. Has fixskills. Rank 16 Voln. No warnings. Ready to go

  1. Default 31 Half-Elf Rogue Male. Geared. Has fixskills. Rank 16 Voln. No warnings. Ready to go

    $70 PayPal Gift or 14M FLAT PRICE!
    Character Transfer-*Buyer will have to pay the Simutronics $20 character transfer fee*

    inv full
    You are wearing a smooth death mask, which you barely feel on your face.(Death mask feature changer when dead-customizable)
    You are currently wearing and carrying:
    a veniom-edged gold gravestone pendant(This item will summon a tombstone upon your death, to remain there until you breathe once again.)
    a ruby amulet(WoF amulet)
    a ruby amulet(WoF amulet)
    a silver-bladed dagger medallion (registered)(Premium transport jewlery set to #14 leaves)
    a black leather climbing pack(standard backpack)
    a sweeping black leather-trimmed greatcloak(climate wear cloak 4 verbs/scripted)
    an ultramarine glimaerstone(full chrism gem)
    an ultramarine glimaerstone(full chrism gem)
    a long-sleeved woolen shirt(knife concealing shirt/scripted)
    a razor-sharp pit-knife (registered) (marked) (4x dagger 2 verbs currently. unlockable to 12 verbs total)
    some dark leather scalemail(Brig armor, 5x, 5CER Crit padding)
    a twined faenor ivy vine bracelet set with blue crystal leaves (crystal holding jewlery)
    a pair of salt-stained leather gauntlets (wand gloves, can infuse spells into it, NOT unlocked)
    a skull-buckled dark leather swordbelt notched along the edge (dual sheath swordbelt, customizable, 5 scripts OHE weapons only)
    a perfect maoral-hilted steel longsword (4x perfect,*I can swap this out for a second steel short-sword if you wish*)
    a perfect mithril short-sword (marked) (4x perfect)
    a sturdy dark leather gem pouch (max light can be further deepened)
    a small invar lockpick case (max light can be further deepened)
    a sapphire brushed rolaren lockpick
    a cerulean-hued wavy glaes lockpick
    a silver lockpick
    a diamond-edged black vaalin lockpick
    a bone-handled dark invar lockpick
    a dark leather locksmith's toolkit
    a set of professional calipers
    a copper lockpick
    a copper lockpick
    a pair of black broadcloth breeches
    some simple black stalking boots (pocketed)

    Profession: Rogue Level: 31
    Race: Half-Elf Gender: Male
    Age: very young (0)
    He is tall. He appears to be very young.
    He has beady ale-brown eyes and blotchy skin.
    He has long, curly deep red hair with a red streak running through it.
    He has a birth mark.


    Not a citizen of any known realm
    No House affiliation
    No MHO affiliation
    Member of the Order of Voln
    No Guild affiliation
    No Deity chosen


    Strongest foe vanquished: a roa'ter
    Most difficult lock picked: -425
    Most difficult trap disarmed: -160
    Number of warcamps destroyed: None

    Race: Half-Elf Profession: Rogue (not shown)
    Gender: Male Age: 0 Expr: 1088900 Level: 31
    Normal (Bonus) ... Enhanced (Bonus)
    Strength (STR): 100 (25) ... 100 (25)
    Constitution (CON): 79 (14) ... 79 (14)
    Dexterity (DEX): 95 (27) ... 95 (27)
    Agility (AGI): 99 (34) ... 99 (34)
    Discipline (DIS): 78 (9) ... 78 (9)
    Aura (AUR): 77 (13) ... 77 (13)
    Logic (LOG): 79 (14) ... 79 (14)
    Intuition (INT): 65 (7) ... 65 (7)
    Wisdom (WIS): 44 (-3) ... 44 (-3)
    Influence (INF): 50 (5) ... 50 (5)
    Mana: 0 Silver: 75000

    Skill Name | Current Current
    | Bonus Ranks
    Two Weapon Combat..................| 160 60
    Armor Use..........................| 124 32
    Combat Maneuvers...................| 160 60
    Edged Weapons......................| 160 60
    Ambush.............................| 160 60
    Multi Opponent Combat..............| 111 27
    Physical Fitness...................| 120 30
    Dodging............................| 145 45
    Stalking and Hiding................| 175 75
    Perception.........................| 175 75
    Climbing...........................| 120 30
    Swimming...........................| 120 30
    Training Points: 28 Phy 143 Mnt
    (Use SKILLS BASE to display unmodified ranks and goals)

    94 days remain until the annual FIXSKILLS is to be granted, on 05/20/2020.

    Your 30 day migration period will begin when you choose to degrade a skill.

    Further information can be found in the FAQs.
    The FIXSKILLS command will allow you to instantly set your skills to match your goals. Use the GOALS command to set your skills to your desired values FIRST!

    You may view FIXSKILLS HELP for more information on this option.

    To use FIXSKILLS, you must type FIXSKILL CONFIRM within the next 30 seconds.

    *** No additional options will be granted outside of normal parameters for misuse. ***

    ** Make sure your skills are set how you want them with GOALS before using FIXSKILLS CONFIRM **


    Current society status:
    You are a member in the Order of Voln at step 16.

    You have learned and are able to use the following abilities:
    Symbol of Recognition
    Symbol of Blessing
    Symbol of Thought
    Symbol of Diminishment
    Symbol of Courage
    Symbol of Protection
    Symbol of Submission
    Kai's Strike
    Symbol of Holiness
    Symbol of Recall
    Symbol of Sleep
    Symbol of Transcendence
    Symbol of Mana
    Symbol of Sight
    Symbol of Retribution
    Symbol of Supremacy

    Past society affiliations (resigned or cast out):
    You have no past society affiliations.

    You may reset your society status one time. Enter SOCIETY RESET for details.

    You may view your society task information via the SOCIETY TASK command.

    (DS offensive no spells/society skills ect)
    A swamp troll swings a cudgel at you!
    AS: +201 vs DS: +140 with AvD: +19 + d100 roll: +10 = +90
    A clean miss.

    (Offensive no spells/society skills ect)
    You swing a perfect steel longsword at a swamp troll!
    AS: +235 vs DS: +78 with AvD: +42 + d100 roll: +46 = +245
    ... and hit for 42 points of damage!
    Strike just below the jaw, nice shot to the neck!
    The swamp troll is stunned!
    You swing a perfect mithril short-sword at a swamp troll!
    AS: +235 vs DS: +58 with AvD: +29 + d100 roll: +90 = +296
    ... and hit for 52 points of damage!
    Powerful slash just cracks the swamp troll's shield arm!
    Roundtime: 5 sec.

    your Combat Maneuver training is as follows:

    Skill name Mnemonic Ranks
    Shadow Mastery smastery 5
    Surge of Strength surge 5
    your Armor Specialization training is as follows:

    Skill name Mnemonic Ranks
    Armored Stealth stealth 1

    Available Armor Training Points: 12

    >justice history
    You have committed no crimes in the past six months.

    >policy review
    You've not been warned on the character ********. You haven't been flagged as a high maintenance customer. You're not being monitored for vulgarity. You haven't read the policy in full.

    Current Login Streak: 2 days

    Login Bridges Earned: 2
    Minimum Days before use: 7
    Maximum to use at once: 30

    Random Magical Crystals: 18
    Minor Loot Boosts: 59
    Major Loot Boosts: 69
    Enhancive Boosts: 49
    Urchin Guide Access: 36
    Bounty Boosts: 58
    Urchin Runner Uses: 58
    Encumbrance Boosts: 43
    Guild Boosts: 43
    Instant Mind Clearers: 16
    Death's Sting Reducers: 12
    Bounty Task Waivers: 86
    Item Superchargers: 30
    Luck Boosters: 30
    Realms Boosts: 6
    Gifts of the Gods: 5
    Doubled Experience Boosts: 24
    Long-Term Experience Boosts: 287
    Treasure Passes: 0
    Adventure Boosts: 0
    Casting Passes: 0
    Receiving Passes: 0
    Foraging Passes: 1
    Inventory Passes: 0
    Fast Exp. Absorption Boosts: 0

    You currently have 9541 unspent bounty points.

    You have accumulated a total of 9541 lifetime bounty points.

    You have 0 expedited task reassignment vouchers remaining.

    You have succeeded at the Kill Creatures task 4 times.
    You have succeeded at the Retrieve Heirloom task 5 times.
    You have succeeded at the Procure Gems task 3 times.
    You have succeeded at the Protect Traveller task 4 times.
    You have succeeded at the Kill Dangerous Creature task 7 times.
    You have succeeded at the Rescue Child task 4 times.
    You have succeeded at the Kill Bandits task 5 times.

    The gem dealer in Wehnimer's Landing, Murdos Burdos, has received orders from multiple customers requesting a green malachite stone. You have been tasked to retrieve 9 more of them. You can SELL them to the gem dealer as you find them.
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