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    Quote Originally Posted by Parkbandit View Post
    2) Claim that he really wants to play football again
    When his boy, Stephen A Smif, starts telling people Kaep doesn't want to play football based on his actions, you know it's over.
    Question for the pro-transgender, gender fluid, anyone can be whatever they want to be, people out there: Should a male be granted a combat license to enter a MMA fight to pummel females because he 'identifies' as a woman?

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    I was saddened when the pandemic hammered in the final nail in the coffin for the XFL. It had such great potential for an NFL alternative or while we are waiting for the NFL to start again. A lot of talent going to the wayside. The only silver lining is that an alternative to the NFL is feasible barring another pandemic. It is such a great and entertaining product. I was on board too with the potential of online gambling for or against those XFL teams. So sad that it's existence was cut short. Here's hoping that someone with deep pockets will try again and for the NFL to give it's full support because it is another talent pool that they can draft or sign from aside from the NCAA.

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