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Thread: The In-Game Thanks and Shout Out Thread

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    Default The In-Game Thanks and Shout Out Thread

    I wasn't sure a thread like this existed so I could give people a shout out and recognize them for the help given for things that happened in game, so I thought I'd start one.

    Thanks to Slimy, Farseeker, Kinsley, and Mknmoc for the help they gave me. Someone left a blood scarab loose in town. It attached itself to me and I died in Tykel's Arms. Slimy and Farseeker devoted a good 10 minutes or more in staying with me as the scarab then attached itself to Farseeker while Slimy kept giving him blood so he wouldn't also die, while Mknmoc continued to try to help as well. Then Kinsley was finally able to disable the scarab so Farseeker could kill it.

    It certainly made for an eventful evening. And to whomever left that scarab, you know what you can do.

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    Thanks to Tillmen for making in game anything not suck anusballs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Methais View Post
    Thanks to Tillmen for making in game anything not suck anusballs.
    Thanks to Methais for sucking my balls, in game.
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    Thanks to that person that did the thing.

    You know that person.
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    Hmm Svardin and all the Drakes Vanguard - love their events and everyone is super nice and easy to play with.
    Roelaren and that fun bunch for those couple of times I am able to stay up late (past 9:00 EST) and do events with, everyone is always nice and inviting

    folks that are friendly with the spells when I bat my eyelash's and bark crazy - Rovvigen and Co., Alcov and Co., Rondius and Co., special shout out to Pathragers who always offers but I am not in TI or have FWI.

    Those have been the recent stand outs for sure
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