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Thread: Wuhan Virus

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    Quote Originally Posted by Solkern View Post
    Think we are getting another one.
    I mean, I'm pretty sure we will. I can go with the unemployment being extended, but if you're offered your old job back, you have to take it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Solkern View Post
    I’ve read there has been quite a lot of disagreements between Trump and the sec of HHS

    From this article trump seems to be pushing for some things, which the Sec hasn’t done.
    And they are all "anonymous sources".... how convenient. Looks like a left leaning "news" site is trying to create the news again. I'm shocked.

    So, at least we can all agree again though.. that the CDC has no authority and it's the Trump Administration holding all the power.

    Quote Originally Posted by Back View Post
    There will be no war when guns are more regulated.
    Quote Originally Posted by Androidpk View Post
    horrific state of conditions = the biggest election win in 40 decades
    Quote Originally Posted by Tsa`ah View Post
    Well tell that to the Naval hospital that issued a birth certificate labeled Ft Lejeune ... and then typed it in.
    Quote Originally Posted by Back View Post
    3 million more popular votes. I'd say the numbers speak for themselves. Gerrymandering won for Trump.

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    Florida sitting at 28 deaths today.

    I know what everyone is thinking, "Deaths always lag cases!" And you're right.

    But on June 20th Florida recorded 4049 new cases, today 9 days later they recorded 28 new deaths.

    When NY first recorded over 4000 cases (5440 on March 22nd), 9 days later on March 31st they recorded 537 deaths.

    Something similar with NJ, 4320 cases April 3rd, 191 deaths 9 days later on April 12.

    While Florida is certainly seeing a spike in cases they aren't seeing the spike in deaths that follow 9 days later like NY and NJ did.

    A few possible explanations for this:

    Florida's dark days are coming, they are just going to experience it later than NY and NJ did when their cases started to rise.
    The virus is actually getting weaker.
    More tests are being done now so NY and NJ missed a lot of their cases and many more people were infected than we knew.
    More younger people are getting infected in Florida compared to NY and NJ at the time.
    Florida didn't stuff their nursing homes with infected patients which accounts for about half of all those who died in NY.

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    Newly published antibody test results from half a dozen parts of the country confirm that COVID-19 infections in the United States far outnumber confirmed cases. The ratio of estimated infections to known cases in these studies, which the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported on Friday, range from 6 to 1 in Connecticut as of early May to 24 to 1 in Missouri as of late April.

    These results confirm something we already knew: The COVID-19 infection fatality rate—deaths as a share of all infections—is much lower than the crude case fatality rate—deaths as a share of known cases. That is bound to be true when testing is limited and a virus typically produces mild or no symptoms. At the same time, the CDC's antibody studies imply that efforts to control the epidemic through testing, isolation, quarantine, and contact tracing will not be very effective, since they reach only a small percentage of virus carriers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Solkern View Post
    Quite a few countries have taken steps to reopen, some are almost fully reopened, yet they donít have spikes in coronavirus.
    What did they do differently?
    Not have thousands of people packed like sardines in the street for weeks long protests/riots/CHAZ bullshit?
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    Remember, I'm a tiny dick pussy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Methais View Post
    Not have thousands of people packed like sardines in the street for weeks long protests/riots/CHAZ bullshit?
    Well, not week long protest, but they did have massive rallies, in support of blm, but fair point!
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    When you don't play with it all weekend and it STILL goes down on you Monday morning...that's how you know you've found someone special.
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    Here's the link to Tsin's new RPG game:

    I heard from a reliable source he's playing the character "Pussyboots" and quickly becoming the most famous pussy E.V.E.R.

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    If you go to the beach you're a MURDERER!

    Oh there are thousands of BLM protesters demanding police be defunded so they are literally outside city hall waiting to see which politicians can go home safely tonight if they voted their way and which politicians need to be intimidated?

    That's fine! You all can congregate in the street and dance! The virus skips over you!
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    if the NYC budget passes, they are cutting 1 billion, or 1/6th the NYC police departments budget.

    Can you imagine being a cop in NYC tomorrow? They should all quit.

    Click the link above to see how much you owe the government.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suppa Hobbit Mage View Post
    Can you imagine being a cop in NYC tomorrow?
    I can't. With inflation that would be about a 20% cut to their annual budget if they cut it by 1 billion dollars.

    The police in NYC already don't have the resources they need, imagine having 20% fewer resources.

    The whole world has gone crazy with this shit. Thank goodness the GMs in GS are fixing this problem though.

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    Look at that huge crowd of people. Thank God they aren't at the beach and killing people!

    The nice gentleman with the megaphone had this to say in regards to cops:

    "I wanna put my foot on his fucking neck like he do us. I wanna put my foot on his back like he do us. I wanna hang him from a fucking tree like he do us."

    He seems normal.

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