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Thread: Chaos Falchion and 7x Pavis

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    Default Chaos Falchion and 7x Pavis

    Taking Bids in Silver, Will accept Silvers, BS, or cash as payment

    Chaos Falchion Taking offers couldn't get a P/C on the thing

    a dented pavis fashioned from several fused steel pot lids MB: 15 mil CB: 15 MIL nothing sold

    It imparts a bonus of +35 more than usual.
    It appears to weigh about 12 pounds.
    The pavis is a tower shield that protects the bearer if carried in the left hand. It is spiked.
    The pavis can be worn, slinging it across the shoulders and back. The pavis appears to serve some purpose.
    It looks like this item has been mainly crafted out of steel.

    Though lopsided and makeshift in appearance, much thought appears to have gone into the creation of this pavis. Several steel pot lids have been flattened and fused together to make the main body of the shield, while various fork tines have been melted into the surface to create crude but deadly spikes. Various handles, most of them from pots, have been cobbled into a sturdy grip on the interior of the shield. You also notice a small enchanter's glyph.
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    5 mil on falchion

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    15 mil on the pavis

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    thrice and final call if no more bids pavis will be sold some time tomorrow.

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