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    Cairnfang Manor hosts their annual Winter Nights Festival Jan 30-Feb 1 in Solhaven!

    Thurs Jan 30, 9pm est - Order of the Azure Sun hosts a game of All Urnon. Mystery and fun await.
    Friday Jan 31 9pm est - Magister Raelee hosts a game of Imperial Trivia for Cairnfang Manor. Please meet in the Solhaven Library and show off your Imperial smarts!
    Saturday Feb 1 3pm est- The Coterie of the Swans host Spirits of the Swan in Cafe Dumont in Solhaven. Spend an enjoyable afternoon tasting many varieties of food and spirits!
    Saturday Feb 1 9pm est - Cairnfang Manor hosts their annual Snow Ball. Meet in north market to be escorted to food, drink and dancing!

    Join us in Solhaven and chase away those winter blues!
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