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    Just want to confirm, cause I've heard both sides, do you need spell aiming ranks in order to make use of 309/320? How does spell aiming factor into both spells exactly (the wiki doesn't seem to be quite clear on this)? Cause if I can save on spell aiming ranks, that means I can get more CS.

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    There isn't an exact formula, but with maneuver spells like these you generally want 2x spell aim to reliably hit like-leveled opponents.
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    if you 301 an undead target first, you will receive a +100 bonus to your 309 and 320 rolls. something to keep in mind if you dont want to train spell aiming...and are willing to only hunt undead
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    Even without spell aiming, 320 will still save you mana if you use it and miss.

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    1x SA you're good, 2x SA you're great.

    khorp makes a great point above. I would just add cast 317 first, then 320 them even with 0x against like-leveled you'll probably hit. It's just one disintegration flare, so the threshold isn't high.

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    Yea I figure 320 is more for the mana savings, than doing dmg. So would I 320 first to save on spell mana costs, then 301, 317 and 309? What is the benefit of casting 317?

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    To stun/knockdown, so they are easier to hit. Khelbaen suggested 301 which would work great for undead, too

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