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Thread: Fixskilling a 39 empath from warpath to pure

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    Heh, better start migrating.

    As you progress, you might keep the following in mind:

    MMC is useful to empaths because it increases the number of targets you can link with 1117. The base is three, and you get additional targets at 10, 24, 50, etc. You probably won't need to hit seven targets for a while, but it's worth picking up some ranks to at least get to 4 or 5. Plus, MMC will give you additional uses of mana spellup, a few extra ranks for runestaff defense, and increase your mana recovery a little bit. It's cheap too.

    Unless you're in Sunfist (which you should be) and need it for 1107, you don't really need much blessing lore. If you're Sunfist, you'll probably want 65 eventually.

    Summoning lore will become important eventually, once you start using 1115. That additional damage cycle makes a huge difference. You probably won't need it for a while, though.

    Manipulation lore is garbage. Don't get any.

    You might consider going above 1x in PF if you can find the points.

    Don't forget about channeling. Mana is tight on mid-level pure empaths, and channeling can save you a lot of mana if you use it in the right moments. Often you can 1-shot stuff by channeling open-handed in offensive (+40 to your endroll!) that would otherwise take you 2-3 casts. A bit risky, but quite useful in the right situation.

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    IMO hitting your casts is more important than lores making the casts that DO land more powerful. I personally won't accept ever missing a cast like or slightly above level so I was wild heavy spell use (2.85x spells at 100, at the expense of lores or pretty much any other skills). Khorpulent is on the money about Summon Lore being excellent and 1115 being insane with a 4th damage cycle, but pre-cap if I had to pick between more CS or a potential 4th damage cycle I'm taking the CS and thus the Empath Base ranks.

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    I think 1106 damages skins, but I know 1101 does not. Use your pocket wizard to RF and go nuts.

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    There's some truth to that, but in the end it’s probably a wash. At cap, 100 summoning ranks will give you a 66% chance of a fourth cycle. The 600 MTP you’d spend on those ranks could be spent on 18 spells ranks, yielding an extra 6-9 CS depending on where those ranks go.

    The first two cycles of Wither are pretty weak, and the third (and fourth) are considerably stronger. The third usually deals more damage than the first two combined and is where crit kills usually happen. The fourth cycle is roughly equivalent to the third. So the fourth cycle (if it activates) adds something like 30-50% of the total damage done by the first three cycles (and gives another chance a crit kill if you hit somewhere vital).

    So is an increase of 9 CS more useful than a 2 in 3 chance of a substantial increase of power if the spell lands? Don’t know! Would be interesting to test, but I went with lore (mostly) over spell ranks.

    Of course, audioserf still hasn’t maxed his summoning (at what, 18m exp?) and he gets by just fine.

    The point moot, anyhow, if you go for 65 blessing lore for Sunfist before you start working on summoning.

    Quote Originally Posted by Versin View Post
    I think 1106 damages skins, but I know 1101 does not. Use your pocket wizard to RF and go nuts.
    1106 and 1115 are just a crapshoot when it comes to skinning, since you can’t control where you hit. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and sometimes you won’t. Another effective alternative is to use 1110 (preferably in a more defensive stance) and let the warding cycles do the work. But that probably won’t do you much good without SA or telepathy.

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    If you're hunting trolls at all, maximize Fire Spirit and you'll mow right through them.

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