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The fact you are so obssessed with this guy tells me there is something you are not telling us.

Fact is this dude bought thousands of dollars of GemStone stuff as a returner or brand new player or whatever and after having a not so good time (to the point where he was so bullied Wyrom was worried for him) he got taken advantage of and people jipped him for all he was worth. Again, not defending the dude or his actions as a person. But call an ace an ace and all that.
The fact you think this guy is a victim makes me think you're either him or an idiot.

He was not bullied, people just told him to fuck off once they saw he was a consistent liar and scammer. If he is the victim then why was he HMC'd?

He only returns for EG so he can try to win raffles then sell the items for money in plat. Which is something the community frowns upon due to being such a small player base.